Patio Garden

Complete your outdoor living space with outdoor patio & garden decor.  Browse our birdhouses, wind chimes, decorative key keepers, outdoor pillows and throws.

Enhance the charm and allure of your outdoor sanctuary with our meticulously crafted collection of patio and garden decor.  AmeriProd proudly presents an array of exquisite accents, including the enchanting Cast Iron Turtle, ladybug, and bird Key Keepers. Crafted from durable cast iron, these decorative pieces are not just visually captivating but also possess exceptional functionality. Our Cast Iron Turtle Key Keeper boasts intricate detailing that adds a whimsical touch to any space while securely holding your keys in its sturdy shell. For those seeking a pop of vibrant color and cheerful vibes, our Ladybug Key Keeper is perfect! Its lively hues instantly brighten up patios or gardens while offering a convenient spot for storing your keys. Let this delightful insect become a symbol of good luck as it safeguards your precious valuables. If you prefer something more timeless yet elegant, our Bird Key Keeper fits the bill flawlessly! Exquisitely designed with attention to detail, this avian beauty gracefully holds onto your keys while becoming an eye-catching focal point amidst blooming flowers or lush greenery. With their weather-resistant construction, these patio and garden decors ensure long-lasting durability even when exposed to the elements. They effortlessly blend into various outdoor settings – be it traditional or contemporary – infusing warmth and character wherever they reside. Transform ordinary spaces into tranquil retreats by adorning them with our remarkable cast iron creations. Elevate both functionality and aesthetics within moments; AmeriProd's patio & garden decor is truly second-to-none!