Farm Style Collection

Farmstyle Collection in the Manual Woodworkers and Weavers Fall 2020 Collection features Buffalo Check, Farm House, Farm Friends, Rooster, Patriotic, and Canning Jars. Multiple artists like Susan Winget, Martha Collins, Your True Nature, Lisa Audit, and many more.

Discover the timeless charm of our exclusive Farm Style Collection, thoughtfully curated by AmeriProd. Immerse yourself in an enchanting world where rustic elegance meets country bliss. From the captivating Buffalo Check and Farm House designs to the delightful Farm Friends and Rooster motifs, this collection is sure to capture your heart. Embrace a touch of Americana with our patriotic-themed pieces, celebrating all that makes this nation great. And for those seeking a taste of nostalgia, our Canning Jars will transport you back to simpler times. Our Farm Style Collection showcases the extraordinary talents of multiple renowned artists such as Susan Winget, Martha Collins, Your True Nature, Lisa Audit, and many more. Every design has been meticulously crafted to bring beauty and authenticity into your home. Indulge in these exquisite pieces that effortlessly enhance any space with their warmth and character. Whether adorning your living room or adding a charming accent to your kitchen decor, each item exudes a sense of farmhouse chic that is both inviting and sophisticated. Elevate your interior aesthetics with our Farm Style Collection today – because good taste never goes out of style. Unearth the perfect harmony between classic appeal and contemporary flair right at your fingertips.