Floral and Birds

Floral & Birds in the Manual Woodworkers and Weavers Fall 2020 Collection features beautiful tapestries, throws, pillows and home decor from multiple artists like Susan Winget, Martha Collins, Lisa Audit, P. Brent and many more.

Discover the exquisite charm of our Floral & Birds Collection, proudly offered by AmeriProd. Delicate tapestries, cozy throws, tasteful pillows, and captivating home decor – this collection brings together a symphony of nature-inspired artistry crafted by renowned artists such as Susan Winget, Martha Collins, Lisa Audit, P. Brent and an array of other talented creatives. Embrace the beauty of nature within your living spaces with our carefully curated selection from these gifted artisans. Each piece resonates with their unique vision and impeccable attention to detail - transforming your home into a haven that exudes elegance and tranquility. Indulge in the enchanting colors and intricate designs showcased in every item from the Floral & Birds Collection. Our tapestries weave threads of vibrant blooms alongside graceful fauna; encapsulating the essence of natural splendor within every stitch. Wrap yourself in luxury with our velvety soft throws that boast both warmth and style. Made from premium materials known for their durability and comfortability, these throws offer more than just coziness – they are a testament to fine craftsmanship. Enhance your interior aesthetics effortlessly by adorning your furniture with our plush pillows adorned with floral motifs or delicate bird patterns. These stunning accent pieces seamlessly elevate any room while providing utmost comfort during those moments of relaxation. Complete your abode's transformation by incorporating our charming home decor items into your space.