Izzy Collection

Manual Woodworkers & Weavers make some of the best collectibles you can find with their Izzy collection. Soft and plush Izzy baby blankets, pillows, wall hangings, apron sets and dress-up playsets that will last for years and can be handed down as precious family keepsakes to be enjoyed by your whole family.

Experience the timeless elegance of the Izzy Collection, exclusively brought to you by AmeriProd. Our Soft and plush Izzy baby blankets, pillows, apron sets, and dress-up playsets are meticulously crafted to endure years of love and care. Each piece is designed to be cherished as a precious family keepsake for generations to come. Indulge your little ones in sheer comfort with our irresistibly cozy Izzy baby blankets. Crafted from premium materials, these luxuriously soft blankets provide a warm embrace that will lull your bundle of joy into peaceful dreams. Enhance their imaginative playtime with our enchanting dress-up playsets from the Izzy Collection. These intricately detailed costumes ignite endless adventures and allow children to step into magical realms where dreams come true. For budding chefs or artistic spirits, our delightful apron sets are designed not only to protect clothing but also ignite creativity. Made with utmost precision, each set encapsulates the essence of charm while fostering imagination and self-expression. Furthermore, our exquisite Izzy pillows add an elegant touch to any nursery or living space. With their plush textures and captivating designs inspired by fairy tales and nature's wonders, they effortlessly elevate any room's aesthetic appeal. The superior quality craftsmanship ensures that every item in the Izzy Collection withstands time gracefully – enabling them to become treasured heirlooms passed down through generations.