Pets Collection

Find your favorite pets on these throw pillows, fleece blankets, totes, stockings and home decor by Manual Woodworkers and Weavers, featuring cats and dogs of various breeds. They also make great gifts for the animal lovers in your life!

Welcome to AmeriProd, where we present the exquisite Pets Collection; a delightful ensemble of throw pillows, fleece blankets, totes, stockings, and home decor items that celebrate our beloved feline and canine companions. Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, our Pets Collection showcases an array of adorable cats and dogs from various breeds. Each piece embodies the artist's unique vision, making it a perfect addition to any pet lover's abode. Featuring renowned artists such as Martha Collins, Kate Ward Thacker, Cat Wisdom by Jo Moulton, Paws & Whiskers by Robert McClintock, and Martha's Mutts Stockings in all Breeds; this collection promises unrivaled artistry that captures the essence of these cherished animals. Embrace comfort like never before with our plush throw pillows that adorn your living space or bedroom with whimsical charm. Snuggle up during chilly evenings under our luxuriously soft fleece blankets – ideal for both pets and their owners alike. Carry your essentials in style with our trendy yet functional totes designed exclusively for pet enthusiasts. And when the holiday season arrives, complete your festive décor with Martha's Mutts Stockings available in an assortment of breeds - adding a touch of joyous spirit throughout your home. What sets us apart at AmeriProd is our commitment to quality craftsmanship combined with artistic brilliance. Our Pets Collection ensures every item serves as more than mere decoration; it becomes a homage to our special four-legged friends.