Winery Collection

Winery Collection in the Manual Woodworkers and Weavers Fall Catalog features beautiful tapestries, throws, pillows and home decor from multiple artists such as Martha Collins "Sevilla" , Gregory Gorham's "Wine Spirit", "Vine", "Old World Italy" and more.

Discover the exquisite Winery Collection, a curated ensemble of tapestries, throws, pillows, and home decor brought to you by AmeriProd. Embrace the essence of sophistication as multiple esteemed artists like Martha Collins with her captivating "Sevilla" design and Gregory Gorham's enchanting masterpieces such as "Wine Spirit," "Vine," and "Old World Italy" grace your abode. Indulge in the rich heritage of winemaking artistry that transcends time and space. Each piece within this remarkable collection encapsulates the romance and allure found in every sip of fine wine. Adorn your living spaces with these meticulously crafted works of art that seamlessly blend elegance with functionality. Immerse yourself in Martha Collins' masterpiece, "Sevilla." The intricate detailing effortlessly transports one's imagination to sun-kissed vineyards draped in vibrant hues. Let this tapestry breathe life into any room it graces while evoking a sense of wanderlust for all who behold its beauty.Gregory Gorham's awe-inspiring creations command attention through their sheer brilliance. His renowned artwork captures the very spirit of wine itself; from swirling aromas to cascading colors dancing gracefully upon a canvas or pillow—each stroke is imbued with passion for oenophiles worldwide. Select from our diverse range of designs carefully curated to accommodate various tastes and preferences. Whether showcasing contemporary aesthetics or paying homage to timeless classics, each creation within the Winery Collection boasts unrivaled craftsmanship.