Hasbro Collection featuring Transformers, Rise of the Beasts, Dungeons & Dragons, Candyland, Monopoly, and Mr. Potato Head  favorites! For over thirty years, The Northwest’s reputation for quality makes it the number one throw manufacturer in the United States. Browse The Northwest Hasbro Collection here to view your favorites!

Discover the epitome of entertainment with The Hasbro Collection, proudly presented by AmeriProd. Immerse yourself in a world where Transformers, Rise of the Beasts, Dungeons & Dragons, Candyland, Monopoly, and Mr. Potato Head unite to create an unparalleled gaming experience. Unleash your inner adventurer as you embark on thrilling quests alongside iconic Transformers characters from the exhilarating Rise of the Beasts series. Engage in strategic battles and witness jaw-dropping transformations that will leave you awe-inspired. For those seeking a whimsical escape into a land of sugary delights and vibrant colors, indulge in the enchanting realm of Candyland. Traverse through its luscious landscapes while indulging in sweet fantasies that ignite your imagination like never before. Bring out your savvy business mindset with Monopoly – the timeless classic that has captivated generations worldwide. Strategize your way to victory as you buy properties, collect rent, and negotiate shrewdly to build your empire one roll at a time. Dive deeper into realms beyond imagination with Dungeons & Dragons – where epic tales come alive through immersive gameplay. Embark on legendary quests filled with mythical creatures and treacherous challenges that test both skill and wit. Let's not forget our beloved childhood companion - Mr. Potato Head! Rediscover this nostalgic favorite who embraces endless possibilities for imaginative playtime fun! Let creativity soar as children craft amusing characters using interchangeable parts for hours of laughter-filled delight!